8th Widyatama International Seminar on Sustainability (WISS) 5 - 8 Sept 2016

Cultural Tour


Saung Angklung Udjo

Saung Angklung Udjo rapidly became an important tourism destination in Indonesia and Bandung itself. The Saung also has a display room selling hand-made craft souvenirs such as the angklung itself, wayang golek (wooden puppets), Sundanese blangkon – traditional hats made of batik textiles – and other bamboo handicrafts made by the artisans next to the saung. Recently, Saung Udjo has improved the merchandise, and now also offers recorded CD’s and VCD’s of their performances.


Cultural Tour

Merdeka Building (Gedung Merdeka)

Merdeka Building is an art-deco building in Jalan Asia-Afrika, Bandung, Indonesia. Today it serves as a museum displaying collections and photographs of the Asian–African Conference, the first Non-Aligned Movement that was held there in 1955.



Gedung Sate

Gedung Sate is a neo-classical building mixed with native elements. Once the seat of the Dutch East Indies department of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, it now serves as the governor’s office of the West Java province in Indonesia.Its common name, Gedung sate, is a nickname that translates literally from Indonesian to ‘satay building’, which is a reference to the shape of the building’s central pinnacle – which resemble the shape of one of the Indonesian traditional dish called satay.



NuArt Sculpture Park

Located at the northern part of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia, NuArt Sculpture Park was first opened to public in the year of 2000. Like its name, NuArt Sculpture Park primarily exhibits the works of the sculptor Nyoman Nuarta that spans from the beginning of his career to the latest masterpieces. The 3 ha park was specifically designed and developed for art lovers. It offers limitless resources for those who seek knowledge in art and design.